Thursday, January 28, 2016

                            We Were Liars

                                                                                     By E. Lockhart

What happened? Why can't she remember? Why are her friends ignoring her?

Book rate: 9/10
Genre: Romance, mystery-(small amount)

Cadence Sinclair is the daughter of a perfect family
No one is a criminal.
No one is an addict.
No one is a failure.
They own a island that the whole family, including staff and a close friends, stay at during the summer.
When Cadence get in a big accident and looses her memory, and her friends will not talk to her, she starts pondering the truth about what happened that summer...

This was a very abnormal (in a good way) book.
It was hard to understand at sometimes because the main character used a lot of metaphors throughout the book.
It may seem boring at first ( I did'nt think it was, but some other people I know who read it said so) but keep reading!!! It has a really cool plot twist at the end. 

Monday, November 16, 2015


                               The Boy Who Couldn't Die

                                                  By: William Sleator't+die.jpg

Could being immortal  be a curse?

Book Rate: 8/10
Genre; Mythical,Science-Fiction,Romance,Paranormal.

After 16 year old Kens best friend dies, he realizes, the fear of death himself. His solution: Making himself immortal.Hes gos to a psychic, but in order to become immortal, the psychic must use black magic to remove and hide his soul.

The story wasn't the best book I have read, and was kind of predictable, but it had some good twist. I thought it was cool how the author put in some Caribbean mythology.

                                             The Maze Runner 

                                              By: James Dashner  

The Maze Runner cover.png
Imagine  waking up and forgetting your life.

Book Rate: 10/10
Genre: Adventure,Mystery,Suspense,Science-Fiction.

Thomas wakes up in a big, black, box shaped elevator not remembering anything from his human interaction (friends,family,teachers) except for his name. When he come out of the box, he finds a group of boys around his age (13-21) who call themselves the gladers and have been stuck in the middle of a maze for a little over 2 years.With the help of The gladers, thomas must outrun the grievers, and escape the Maze.

 I liked this book because it had a good mystery to it, made you think one thing at one moment, another the next
Next book in series: The Scorch Trials.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

                        The  5th  Wave
                      By: Rick Yancey
The 5th wave is about the end of the world caused by....ourselves?
 Book Rate: 9/10
 Genre: Science Fiction, Adventure, Apocalypse,End of the world.

 16 year old Cassie Sullivan, has to survive the end of the world fighting against the aliens that have been studying the humans of earth ever since they found it, but how?
 I enjoyed this book a lot, it was a real page turner! I cant wait for the movie to come out in 2016! I gave this book a 9/10 rating because the book changed points of view a lot throughout the book which was a little confusing at first, other than that it was a great book!